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2019: the year I do what makes me happy

12 February 2019

How has your year been so far? How did you end 2018? Did it leave you wanting more or were you thrilled to see 2018 go?

I, personally, was happy to move on.
2018 had a lot of high points but a lot of low points too. As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog as of lately…To be honest, I didn’t feel like I had much to say, at least not much worth reading anyway.
I felt lonely, something I know other 20-somethings struggle with.

But then I thought, maybe some of you have experienced that too.
Maybe it’s OK to not have anything to say once in a while and just sit back and watch the world go by.
To take a moment and think about what fulfills you, what makes you tick, what brings you joy.
Spending 2+ hours a day on social media does none of the above for me (nor anyone I know, for that matter).
So what do you say 2019 is the year we do what really makes us happy?

I have been making some small changes in my life to make room for the stuff that gives me energy and brings me joy. What would that look like for you?

Here are a few small things that bring me joy in the day-to-day:

  • enjoying my coffee slowly on a Saturday morning with my sonos on LOUD
  • catching up with friends regularly & actually having real conversation
  • making community a priority: my church connection group has meant more to me than anything else in the last 3+ years – total game changer
  • buying the good groceries (OK, i realize this sounds stupid, but am I the only one that finds joy by spending the extra however much to get all the stuff you really want? Not junk food, but you know, the good stuff.) 😉
  • self care: using face masks, taking bubble baths, planning time for massages & facials
  • having a better work/life balance: more free time at home
  • making a home wishlist and fulfilling it, one purchase at a time, slowly but surely (we just moved into a new house a few months ago…there are so many things I still want to buy, but trying to do it in stages. It makes the gratification so much better when you finally find THE missing piece).
  • walking around stores by myself, trying on any and everything and taking as long as a darn well please
  • organizing drawers, folders, files. It gives a real sense of accomplishment 🙂
  • (at home) yoga: it’s a small thing, but I feel so much better if I take 20 min out of my day to stretch and clear my head, even if it is just in my living room.

I hope you take time to do more of what makes you happy in 2019.
It’s not too late to make yourself a priority 🙂


Life Style Wanderlust

As Of Late

27 August 2018

It’s been a while friends. How have y’all been doing?
Life has been been a bit hectic lately. If you follow me on the ‘gram then you might have noticed we’ve been consumed with all things #casadizwijnenburg (a.k.a. new house).

The end is in sight PEOPLE! And we are actually looking at dates to finally MOVE. Although I must say we will be living in an ‘unfinished’ place (at least to me) for quite some time. I’ve been told that’s normal?

I might not have carved out much time blog lately but trust me- I’ve been planning out my fall staples none the less. Something about the summer coming to a close has me all revved up for a new wardrobe. Every season I make a wishlist, it helps me shop better and also try to be better about spending my shopping budget wisely.

My fall wishlist so far:
-new denim (always a staple in the NL)
-new coat (love a good piece of outerwear)
-check print everything
-leopard print everything
-flowy dresses paired with boots (that’s my jam, y’all)

What’s on your wishlist this season?

Bree’s Look:
Leather Jacket: Zara
Blouse: Airdate
Jeans: Zara
Mules: H&M
Shades: Ray-Ban

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Life Style Wanderlust

Texas Tuxedo

10 June 2018

Summer has officially arrived in the Lowlands and it has been absolutely fantastic thus far (there I go again, talking about the weather like a real Dutchie).
But when the past month has been sunny and 75 degrees nearly every day in a place that reaches short weather before July, that deserves some attention in my book. Wouldn’t you agree?

The best part about summer in Holland? Days that last until well after 10pm. As I am typing this, I am looking out my window at a canal and it is still as bright as day at 10pm.
The second best part about summer in Holland? Even on the hottest of days (80 degrees), jeans are still wearable.

I realize not all of you readers live in a place that rarely breaks 80 degrees, so my style advice to you to recreate this look (in a less hot way), would be a chambray short sleeve button up with distressed denim. Both great basics that will serve you in just about any season.

If you’re looking for a cooler place to get away this summer, think of Holland (and give me a shout).
In the meantime I’ll be rocking the Texas Tuxedo all summer long…

Shop Bree’s Look:

Denim Jacket: Zara (wearing a small – size down)
Tshirt: Costes
Jeans: Bershka
Leather Sandals: Zara (great cheaper version of Hermes sandals)
Bandana: Madewell
Sunglasses: RayBan



Life Style Wanderlust

10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Me

22 April 2018

I thought I would do a little something different on the blog this week, so here goes…
10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Me:

#10. I have a hard time doing ‘nothing’ and LOVE being productive. On Saturdays, even if I don’t have any actual plans, I usually end up making a list of to do’s for myself and rarely stay at home most of the day.

#9. When I was in the 3rd grade I begged my parents to let me ride the school bus home from school and somehow ended up spending 3 days in I.S.S. as a result (In School Suspension).

#8. I am determined to get the absolute best deal (possibly to the point of borderline obsession). I’ll see something somewhere (shoes, sunglasses, furniture, a hotel, plane tickets, you name it) and will google it for hours on end to make sure I’m not getting ripped off.

#7. I spend close to 10 hours a week just commuting to and from work (geesh that seems like such a waste of time doesn’t it?).

#6. My love language comes in the form of planning. I love making things happen, planning trips, party preparations, and knowing what’s next. I rarely come back from a trip and not have another one planned.

#5. Riding my bike is one of my favorite past times. I feel like a little kid every time I go for a spin…plus there’s something so freeing about just seeing where the wind takes you.

#4. I would pass up a fancy 5 course meal for Tex Mex ANY DAY of the week.

#3. I was terrible at French in high school (well, still am). I mean, I made a decent grade but could I actually order a meal much less have a conversation? Absolutely not. I had no idea I was good at languages until I moved to the Netherlands and seemed to pick it up relatively quick. You’re never too old to learn, right?

#2. I connect with people’s feelings. If I am in a room full of new people, I generally feel uncomfortable with small talk (unlike a lot of people). But the moment a real, deep conversation starts, I am at ease. It is relatable and honest, which I love.

#1. I didn’t know what it felt like to be lonely until I was 22. I grew up with a loving family and surrounded by a church family/friends that always made me feel welcome and wanted. It wasn’t until I moved to the Netherlands that I discovered what loneliness felt like. I had to start over – I yearned for meaningful relationships and to be ‘understood’. Isn’t it great when people just ‘get you’?
Thankful for the last 5 years of building up character, new friendships and also learning to be content by myself.

Shop Bree’s Look:

Kimono: Scotch & Soda (via Zwijnenburg Mode)
Tank: Scotch & Soda (via Zwijnenburg Mode)
Skirt: Mango
Slides: H&M
Sunglasses: Catwalk Junkie

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Fast Fashion…or Fashion Fast?

1 April 2018

Happy Easter friends 🙂

Hope you got to celebrate with the ones you love (and wear something fabulous because Easter outfits are still a thing, right?).
Is anyone else as obsessed with kimonos as I am?
I keep telling myself that I don’t need any more kimonos but I keep finding newer, better versions.
What’s a girl to do?

My sister and I have decided to do a Fashion Fast for the ENTIRE month of April (sounds like an eternity, doesn’t it?).
So that means we will not be buying anything fashion related for the next 30 days.
Can you believe it? (I’m having a hard time believing it at this point, too). Who else wants to join?

I’m hoping I’ll come out of this month feeling more content, creative and in better shape (no shopping = more working out).

It helps us to set goals together and keep each other accountable (especially when shopping is our absolute favorite past time :)…)

I’ll be looking for more inspo on Pinterest (link on the right) for the next month to reinvent the stuff I already own.


Shop Bree’s Look:

Kimono: (from a boutique in Milan – similar can be found at Zara)
Tee: Zara (runs small, size up)
Mom jeans: H&M
Sneakers: Via Vai (via Zwijnenburg Mode)
Earrings: Madewell

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Life Style Wanderlust

Denim Update

12 March 2018

Spring in the Lowlands has arrived and I think I speak for all of Holland when I say we could not be happier about it. 🙂

My rule for a new season? Time for a denim update.
Long gone are the days of only wearing skinny jeans.
Welcome to 2018, people: the year of mom jeans, wide jeans, skinny jeans, kick flare jeans and cropped culotte jeans alike.

the best part of all this? if you’re not feeling yourself on any given day – grab your baggiest pair of denim and give yourself a breather (literally).

Another wardrobe staple for Spring is an army jacket. I got this jacket a while back and have been loving it. It has proven to be a great layering piece for dresses, skirts & denim. Army jackets come in all shapes and sizes, but I personally like how oversized this jacket is. You can find some great Army jacket options at H&M, Zara & Mango.

Shop Bree’s Look:

Jacket: Zara
Tee: The Sting
Jeans: Boutique in Seoul, South Korea (similar can be found at Zara or Mango)
Shoes: Adidas Originals – Campus fit

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Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking

4 March 2018

Spring is upon us, ladies (and gentlemen).

I saw this dress a while back and just had to have it (why do I feel like I say that about everything I buy?).
By now you guys probably know that when I have my mind set on something, I’m pretty determined to make it happen.
That’s not only true of clothes, but also vacations, hair color, new recipes, dinner parties, to do lists, and basically just plans in general. Nobody’s perfect, right? 🙂

Lately I’ve been all about floral prints as we transition into the bright (see daylight until 8pm), wet days of Spring in home sweet Holland.

Couldn’t help but think of the movie The Devil Wears Prada:

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” 

Floral prints for Spring is definitely nothing new, and although it comes back around ever year, it seems to be even more important this season. Pair florals with your fave distressed denim for a casual look or spice it up in dress form and throw on your go-to sneakers for a nonchalant cool girl look.

Full discloser: while you Texans were sporting bare legs to church today, I was literally shivering as we took these pics. #diditforthegram has never been more accurate.

Shop Bree’s Look:

Dress: & Other Stories
Boots: & Other Stories
Earrings: Madewell – thanks sis 🙂
Leather Jacket: Zara

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Life Style Wanderlust

36 Hours in Paris

18 February 2018

Just living our best life.

Banana & Nutella crepes are a MUST

At our favorite French cafe for breakfast

Brooke pictured here contemplating if she should buy the shoes

My sister came to visit recently and we decided to make the most of our 4 1/2 days together by taking our 2nd trip together to the magical city that is Paris. 🙂

If you have not been, I cannot urge you enough to add it to your wishlist.
There’s something about Paris that makes it so incredible. Just walking around soaking up the sights makes Paris worth a trip.

Paris has it all: Art, history, shopping, outdoor activities, unique food & wine. Something that interests everyone.

We took the train from Rotterdam to Paris, which is by far the easiest way to travel from Holland to Paris. It takes about 2 1/2 hours and if you book far enough in advance (3 months to be exact) you can get round trip train tickets for just 50 euros! There is also a train connection from London and Brussels if you are coming from one of those locations.

As we had been to Paris together once before, we had seen most of the ‘must sees’ like the Lourve, Orsay, Galeries Lafayette, Bike tour, Seine River, Notre Dame, etc.

Our itinerary this time around:

-Enjoy breakfast at our favorite French cafe in St. Germain
-Visit Frenchie To Go (highly recommend for a yummy, quick bite!)
-Wine tasting at O’Chateau in Le Marais (must do- our sommelier Olivier was fantastic!)
-Visit the Eiffel Tower (truly never gets old)
-Eat a banana/nutella crepe at our favorite crepe place across the Seine River facing the Eiffel Tower
-Bryant women means…lots of SHOPPING!
-Sit on a terrace (even when heaters are a MUST) like a true Parisian
-Visit the Sezane store (we wanted to buy EVERYTHING in that store)
-Look Parisian (obviously ;)….)

Best areas to stay in Paris: 
Le Marais (great area for shopping)
Saint Germain (great area for restaurant/shopping and central)

What You’ll Need:
Warm clothes (if you’re traveling in the winter)
A Selfie stick or better yet, a selfie tripod (used for every one of our pics)
Good walking shoes (picture yourself walking around in heels? think again)
A small bag that can easily be worn in front
French beret for that perfect picture

Things to avoid:
Tourist traps (as always)
Gare du Nord and surrounding areas late at night (not the best place to be)
Restaurants catered to Americans (usually not the best places to eat or grab a coffee)

If you need any help planning I’d love to be your guide 🙂

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Life Style Wanderlust

Brighten Up

21 January 2018

I’ve been told a time or two that January is the grayist month of the entire year- with a whopping 1.3 hours of sunlight per day. The Dutch don’t lie, it really is that dark (not to mention all that rain). 🙂

…so how does one cope until the sun decides to show her face again?

Buy brightly colored knitwear (OBVIOUSLY).

When I moved to the Netherlands I noticed that the Dutch seemed to converse about the weather often. Once I learned the language myself I realized that it was their go-to point of conversation. Rainy weather? conversation. Sunny weather? conversation. Boring weather? You better believe they’ve got something to say about that, too. Hits above 75 degrees? SCORCHING.

My friend sent me this link (which had me rolling), very accurate.
You might have to live in the Lowlands to appreciate, but none the less, here you go:

I used to make fun of how often the Dutch talk about that weather (who am I kidding, still do!) and now I realize the weather conversation is nearly impossible to avoid… well, if you can’t beat ’em…

Shop Bree’s Look:

Cardigan: Anthropologie
Jeans: Zara
Boots: & Other Stories
Beanie: Target
Necklace: Kendra Scott

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Life Style Wanderlust

New Year’s Resolutions

9 January 2018

Welcome to 2018, y’all.

I love the way a new year feels, full of possibility and new opportunity. You feel me?

Regardless if last year ended with you feeling down, unfulfilled or maybe even wanting more, there is a NEW YEAR that welcomes change, hope and fresh inspiration.

Some of my New Year’s Resolutions this year (in no particular order from relatively insignificant to significant):
-spend more time with the people I love
-find more time to give back
-get more organized
-spend less; buy better

I started a little early with one of my resolutions by (waiting and) buying this blazer. I had been on the hunt for some time and after a long search, finally found the right one on sale in my size and my Parisian dreams came true.
Style destiny.  🙂

I hope this year brings you all you’ve been hoping for, that your hard work pays off and that you find that perfect blazer hanging in your size (on sale – just waiting for you).

Blazer: Mango
Jeans: Zara
Tee: The Sting
Booties: & Other Stories
Necklace: Kendra Scott gifted by JZ

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