All About Bree


I’m Bree.

A Texan that ended up in the middle of the Netherlands. Love might have landed me here, but I’ve grown to appreciate all those Dutch-isms that I missed out on for the first twenty-something years of my life (stroopwafels, public transportation, summer days that last until 10 pm, bicycles, to name a few). Life abroad can be challenging but also very exciting and full of ‘newness’.

I am a lover of coffee, traveling, texmex, accents, new experiences, friendly people and personal style.

My style is compiled of the ongoing obsession I have with the 70’s, breaking the rules (see: sneakers with everything), oversized scarves and a ridiculous amount of black shoes.

My blog is meant to inspire your wardrobe, share my life abroad (especially for the loved ones back in TX), give you a laugh, and leave you feeling better than you came.
I hope you feel inspired and most of all, empowered to be you.

Thanks for reading,

XO Bree