All About Bree

I’m Bree.

A little ol’ Texan that ended up in the middle of one of the smallest, most endearing European countries, the Netherlands. Love might have landed me here, but I’ve grown to adore all those Dutch-isms that I missed out on for the first twenty-something years of my life (stroopwafels, public transportation, bicycles, to name a few). I am a lover of coffee, traveling, mexican food (the legit kind that can only be found in Texas), accents, Pinterest, and all the precious people in my life.

My style is compiled of the ongoing obsession I have with the 70’s, anything grey or striped, oversized cardigans and fabulous shoes. I dance to my own beat. Always have, always will.

My blog is meant to inspire your wardrobe, share my life abroad (for the loved ones back in TX that are reading), give you a laugh, and leave you feeling better than you came. I hope you feel inspired and most of all, empowered to be you.

Thanks for reading,

XO Bree