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36 Hours in Paris

18 February 2018

Just living our best life.

Banana & Nutella crepes are a MUST

At our favorite French cafe for breakfast

Brooke pictured here contemplating if she should buy the shoes

My sister came to visit recently and we decided to make the most of our 4 1/2 days together by taking our 2nd trip together to the magical city that is Paris. 🙂

If you have not been, I cannot urge you enough to add it to your wishlist.
There’s something about Paris that makes it so incredible. Just walking around soaking up the sights makes Paris worth a trip.

Paris has it all: Art, history, shopping, outdoor activities, unique food & wine. Something that interests everyone.

We took the train from Rotterdam to Paris, which is by far the easiest way to travel from Holland to Paris. It takes about 2 1/2 hours and if you book far enough in advance (3 months to be exact) you can get round trip train tickets for just 50 euros! There is also a train connection from London and Brussels if you are coming from one of those locations.

As we had been to Paris together once before, we had seen most of the ‘must sees’ like the Lourve, Orsay, Galeries Lafayette, Bike tour, Seine River, Notre Dame, etc.

Our itinerary this time around:

-Enjoy breakfast at our favorite French cafe in St. Germain
-Visit Frenchie To Go (highly recommend for a yummy, quick bite!)
-Wine tasting at O’Chateau in Le Marais (must do- our sommelier Olivier was fantastic!)
-Visit the Eiffel Tower (truly never gets old)
-Eat a banana/nutella crepe at our favorite crepe place across the Seine River facing the Eiffel Tower
-Bryant women means…lots of SHOPPING!
-Sit on a terrace (even when heaters are a MUST) like a true Parisian
-Visit the Sezane store (we wanted to buy EVERYTHING in that store)
-Look Parisian (obviously ;)….)

Best areas to stay in Paris: 
Le Marais (great area for shopping)
Saint Germain (great area for restaurant/shopping and central)

What You’ll Need:
Warm clothes (if you’re traveling in the winter)
A Selfie stick or better yet, a selfie tripod (used for every one of our pics)
Good walking shoes (picture yourself walking around in heels? think again)
A small bag that can easily be worn in front
French beret for that perfect picture

Things to avoid:
Tourist traps (as always)
Gare du Nord and surrounding areas late at night (not the best place to be)
Restaurants catered to Americans (usually not the best places to eat or grab a coffee)

If you need any help planning I’d love to be your guide 🙂

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