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21 January 2018

I’ve been told a time or two that January is the grayist month of the entire year- with a whopping 1.3 hours of sunlight per day. The Dutch don’t lie, it really is that dark (not to mention all that rain). 🙂

…so how does one cope until the sun decides to show her face again?

Buy brightly colored knitwear (OBVIOUSLY).

When I moved to the Netherlands I noticed that the Dutch seemed to converse about the weather often. Once I learned the language myself I realized that it was their go-to point of conversation. Rainy weather? conversation. Sunny weather? conversation. Boring weather? You better believe they’ve got something to say about that, too. Hits above 75 degrees? SCORCHING.

My friend sent me this link (which had me rolling), very accurate.
You might have to live in the Lowlands to appreciate, but none the less, here you go:

I used to make fun of how often the Dutch talk about that weather (who am I kidding, still do!) and now I realize the weather conversation is nearly impossible to avoid… well, if you can’t beat ’em…

Shop Bree’s Look:

Cardigan: Anthropologie
Jeans: Zara
Boots: & Other Stories
Beanie: Target
Necklace: Kendra Scott

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