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2 April 2017

Lately I’ve been loving everything striped.
What is it about this time of the year that brings out the (albeit small) amount of nautical vibe in me?

Stripes are fresh, can be worn casually or with class, and are appropriate for every age.
They are easy to pair with and add a touch of fun to just about any outfit.

Stripes also remind me of the non-chalant French style that continues to inspires most bloggers and fashionistas around the world (myself included).
I was in Paris last week and leather jackets, messy-hair-just-right, minimal makeup (like ‘i didn’t try that hard this morning’), stripes & scuffed up Stan Smiths were all the rage.

Dirty Stan Smiths from last year? No problem.
Slept through your alarm and don’t have time to wash your hair? Dry Shampoo (the messier the better).

So let’s all embrace our flaws because trying to be perfect is SO overrated (and exhausting).

Bree’s (continued) Spring Wardrobe Essentials:
Striped item
White sneakers
Army jacket

p.s. what do you guys think about my ‘old people’ shoes? Maybe I’ll trade them in for my worn-in Stan Smiths next time. 😉

Shop Bree’s Look:
Dress: Pieces
Jacket: Forever 21
Sneakers: Via Vai
Watch: Olivia Burton
Backpack: Sole Society (Nordstrom)
Sunglasses: Forever 21

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