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Twenty Six

12 February 2017

This past week I celebrated my 26th birthday and to say I was spoiled would be a big understatement. A huge THANK YOU to all of the people in my life that made my day extra special. 

I have been looking for cute printed dresses since last summer when I got inspired by Scandinavian street style. The moment I saw this dress I knew I had to have it—semi-fitted in all the right places, black with a print that can be worn year ’round, and just the right amount of playful sophistication. In other words: everything you could possibly want in a dress. 🙂 

This week, after spotting my first wrinkle (can you believe it??), I began to think of all the perks that come with getting older. I have started to settle into my style as I’ve grown more comfortable in my own skin and have learned what works for me and what doesn’t.

I want to be Bree, not anyone else.

With age, I also notice that I’m becoming more intentional with my purchases. Rather than just looking for a great deal or following every trend that passes by, I now can recognize what lines up with my style and be strategic about purchases (like this dress!) that will compliment what is already in my closet.

I am also learning to identify the “missing pieces” in my life. If I realize I’m not wearing certain things, I try to identify something that is missing to enjoy them more. Maybe it’s a pair of jeans in just the right shade or a boot that is casual with a low heel.
Most times, there is one thing that might make several other pieces come to life in my wardrobe. Those are the missing pieces I want to identify and invest in. This theory also applies in bigger parts of my life.

This year, when thinking about the downtime in my weekends or weeknights, I noticed that my go-to activities were shopping or catching up on some Netflix shows. Don’t get me wrong—still love those two things! But I resolved to get more out of my free time, to make it count for other purposes, like learning a new skill or trying a new recipe or going somewhere new.
So far, living out this resolution has looked like baking a blueberry lemon cake, taking up a bootcamp workout, reading books I always say I’m going to get around to, and booking a trip to Hawaii (in just over 3 months but who’s counting??)…

So in this year of 26, I’m going to lean in to that mindset. I’m vowing to enjoy the present, “be Bree”, shop smarter, and make a priority those things that feed my soul and not just fill the time. Thanks for coming along on the journey. 

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