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Somewhere Between A Jacket & A Bathrobe

30 October 2016


One of the many reasons autumn is one of my favorite times of year is because you can dress in light layers without feeling HUUUGE (in the Trump voice, obvi).

There is a small window of time when a proper coat isn’t totally necessary. That’s when I like to fake it with an oversized cardigan, also known as the Coatigan.

It doubles for style and warmth and to be quite honest, kind of reminds me of my bath robe.
What’s not to love?

Pair it with your favorite distressed denim and you’re all set. Plus if you’ve got a lot of running around to do, it’s comfy and fuss-free (especially for you moms reading). 🙂

How’s Fall where you are?

The trees have changed colors here, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t grow up in a place where the leaves properly turn into fall colors (see Texas seasons: Hot & HOTTER), so every year around this time I am still amazed at the pretty hues around me.

You can find your fall must have Coatigan at (size up if you want it to be more oversized):
Zara (mine is from last year)
Forever 21

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