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21 August 2016


A few weeks ago I was able to meet my very talented photographer friend in Utrecht for this session (you can follow him on Instagram: river.dreamer).

One of the things I love most about living abroad is the beautiful scenery that surrounds me daily. I’m sure most locals don’t find it nearly as special as this ol’ Texan, but when most people live in houses that are older than your actual country, it’s pretty unique.

Top 5 Things I Never Knew I Liked (Until I Moved To Holland):

  1. Old houses…like really old, rustic, crooked-window, narrow, filled-with-character homes.
  2. Walking…to dinner, to shops, to cafes, to church. Parking can be tricky, so walking is pretty unavoidable in the tiny streets of Europe. But how refreshing is it to enjoy the Great Outdoors regularly?
  3. Getting lost…this one took some time to appreciate, but living abroad does not allow you the daily comfort of knowing where everything is. So I’ve learned to accept that getting lost is just part of the deal, and while you wander, don’t forget to look up.
  4. The hilarious amount of times Dutch people say ‘bye’ before hanging up the phone. If you’ve been around Dutch people, you will understand. It is never just one, ‘Talk to you later, bye” as in America, but rather, “Doei, dooooe, doe doe, dag.” or my personal favorite, “Hoi. hoi, hoi. HOOOI.”
  5. The cooler temps. Don’t get me wrong, the drizzly weather can be pretty frustrating, specifically when it should be full-on summer. But actually getting to wear a light jacket when Fall rolls around is pretty sweet.

To follow: The Top 5 Things I Never Knew I Disliked (Until I Moved To Holland) 😉

Side note, just made some Fall purchases, to be showcased on the blog soon 🙂

Top: Bershka
Shorts: Zara
Denim Jacket: Stadivarius
Necklace: Madewell
Shoes: Pull & Bear

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photo cred: Jordan Surentu


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