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European Adventures Cont’d

16 June 2016

This is a very overdue post (!), but I guess I’ve been on what you could refer to as a ‘vacation hangover’ since we got back. My parents came to visit and we headed down to Barcelona & Sicily for some tapas, sunshine and cannoli. 🙂

Some highlights of the trip were:

-FOOD. I mean, bite-sized freshly made food for dinner (tapas) and Sangria?? Doesn’t take much too make this girl happy.

-CAR RENTAL. In Sicily. Let me be clear, I do NOT recommend this to ANYONE (like imagine driving in a video game, and then like 10x worse in real life with no actual lanes). BUT it has left a lasting impression on me and the fact that Jeffrey managed to get us all back alive and well is still a miracle we should be forever grateful for.

-WEATHER. Well, we live in Northern Europe and have a “Northern European climate” aka rainy and relatively chilly year round… so this dose of sunshine was a much needed and added bonus.

-CULTURE. Living abroad makes you appreciate other cultures even more (or quite the opposite, HA!). One of the things I love about mediterranean cultures is their ability to express so much emotion in every situation. One particular day we went to grab a quick lunch and stumbled into a sandwich shop.  The owner was a cute Sicilian man that hardly spoke any English (but props for trying). I just loved how passionate he was about the  homeade freshTuna sandwiches he was selling. Like he really felt like he had achieved his life’s calling by making the locals regularly satisfied with a delicious sandwich. How cute is that??

-TIME. I love that we got to share another trip with my parents. I’ve learned (and am still learning) to appreciate the time we have together as it is so seldom during this season of our life. They are our #1 cheerleaders and know exactly what to say to make us feel loved and accepted. So thanks Mom and Dad, for doing life with us & getting a little (more) lost in Europe together.



“travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

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