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June 2016

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This One’s For You, Dad.

19 June 2016


Today we get to celebrate Dads, so in honor of my Dad, I’ve put together the best 10 lessons I have learned from mine:

10. Keep laughing
Anyone that knows my Dad, knows that he can make just about everybody laugh and somehow manages to makes everyone feel ‘at ease’. His redneck jokes and solid delivery kept things funny around a house full of women growing up (which we needed in a house overflowing with estrogen).

9. Don’t forget dessert
My Dad knows how to enjoy the tasty things in life. In fact, I do not think he will ever give up sweets or the simple joy of an ice cold coke and hotdog from Costco (can’t say I blame him…).

8. Lower your expectations
One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from my Dad was to “lower my expectations and you won’t be disappointed’. It sounds negative, which it is not meant to be, but it is very true. So many times in life we have expectations of situations or people and are sadly disappointed because those expectations go unrealized or ignored. So if you don’t want to be disappointed, expect less and be pleasantly surprised when it turns out better than you planned.

7. Do something that makes you happy
My Dad always encouraged me to pursue a career in something I love. He never pressured us to hold a certain title or get a certain degree, but has always pushed us to just follow our heart. So here I am, just doing something I love.

6. Buy a riding lawnmower
OK, so, my parents live in an area with a relatively spacious backyard (hello, people, in Dutch standards it’s basically a small farm). All that to say, the countless hours and days my Dad has spent outside mowing the lawn in the TEXAS HEAT and the amount of tree stumps he has run over with his push lawnmower has taught me a very valuable lesson: BUY A RIDING LAWNMOWER.

5. Let a professional do your brake job
My Dad has always been very willing to help us with car maintenance (which we are forever grateful for). However, I specifically remember a time my Dad did a ‘brake job’ on my car and afterwards it kept making this dying animal sound every time I would brake. I told him I thought there was something wrong, to which he reassured me there was not. Fast forward a couple weeks later… Dad is driving my car through a Wendy’s Drive-thru when low and behold, he steps on the brakes and the car does not stop *cue emergency brake*. Lesson learned: go to a professional.

4. Be patient
My Dad has to be one of the most patient people I have ever meant. I’d like to think I have inherited some of his patience (still to be seen), but in any case, it is an extremely admirable quality that has made me appreciate him more (especially when it comes to tagging along whilst shopping…).

3. Support your spouse
My Dad has always supported my Mom, in every season of life. Which has been a wonderful example of a healthy marriage for us to model and look up to.

2. Love your family
I never questioned my Dad’s priorities growing up. He was always there to tuck us in, pick us up, watch me play basketball and even help me during that clarinet phase (yes, that was sort of cool then…).

1. Love the Lord
My Dad has devoted his life to ministry. I have seen the ‘behind the scenes’ of this part of my parents’ world and have always admired their commitment to their calling.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.



Blouse: Mango
Jeans: Zara
Flatforms: Pull & Bear
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Life Style Wanderlust

European Adventures Cont’d

16 June 2016

This is a very overdue post (!), but I guess I’ve been on what you could refer to as a ‘vacation hangover’ since we got back. My parents came to visit and we headed down to Barcelona & Sicily for some tapas, sunshine and cannoli. 🙂

Some highlights of the trip were:

-FOOD. I mean, bite-sized freshly made food for dinner (tapas) and Sangria?? Doesn’t take much too make this girl happy.

-CAR RENTAL. In Sicily. Let me be clear, I do NOT recommend this to ANYONE (like imagine driving in a video game, and then like 10x worse in real life with no actual lanes). BUT it has left a lasting impression on me and the fact that Jeffrey managed to get us all back alive and well is still a miracle we should be forever grateful for.

-WEATHER. Well, we live in Northern Europe and have a “Northern European climate” aka rainy and relatively chilly year round… so this dose of sunshine was a much needed and added bonus.

-CULTURE. Living abroad makes you appreciate other cultures even more (or quite the opposite, HA!). One of the things I love about mediterranean cultures is their ability to express so much emotion in every situation. One particular day we went to grab a quick lunch and stumbled into a sandwich shop.  The owner was a cute Sicilian man that hardly spoke any English (but props for trying). I just loved how passionate he was about the  homeade freshTuna sandwiches he was selling. Like he really felt like he had achieved his life’s calling by making the locals regularly satisfied with a delicious sandwich. How cute is that??

-TIME. I love that we got to share another trip with my parents. I’ve learned (and am still learning) to appreciate the time we have together as it is so seldom during this season of our life. They are our #1 cheerleaders and know exactly what to say to make us feel loved and accepted. So thanks Mom and Dad, for doing life with us & getting a little (more) lost in Europe together.



“travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

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Summer Staple

7 June 2016


Alright, its been awhile… Don’t worry, I haven’t been dressing poorly for the last couple weeks but I HAVE been traveling and spending time with three of the people I love the most (more on that later…).

Time to get back at it. CULOTTES (or as my Mother refers to them as ‘gauchos’), my friends, are your summer staple. I should warn you that after wearing these happy pants you may never want to go back to tight, skinny, high-waisted, uncomfortable jeans again. Plus they are flattering on pretty much any shape! In case a print scares you, go for a solid color to be on the safe side. Side note, I feel like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed. 😉

Not only are they extremely comfy, but spot-on trend AND the perfect compromise if you’re not feeling like a dress. I’ve never steered you guys wrong before, have I?

I found these in Barcelona but Culottes can be found pretty much anywhere (HELLO ZARA, NORDSTROM, LOFT…the list goes on).

Happy Shopping!

Culottes – Stradivarius
Tank – Sample sale
Flatforms – Forever 21

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