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Hey 2016, let’s do this!

3 January 2016



Happy 2016! Wishing you all a year of fun, growth, memories, and most of all, love.

We just got back from our 2 week trip to the Promised Land (Texas, obviously). You would think after saying ‘goodbye’ so many times, it would get easier. However, it is simply not true. In fact, I think each time you do it, you realize more and more what is on the other side of that ‘goodbye’. Quite possibly tears, a very long flight, jetlag, and lots of chocolate that never seems to fill that little empty place once you leave.

Although, I have to say, after living through it many times, I now find myself sitting somewhere with my family or best friends thinking cherish this, it doesn’t happen often. So a positive aspect of our situation is that our time with our loved ones isn’t always quantitative but it is most certainly always qualitative.

I’ve got so many things I want to do this year, what about you?

My New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Eat healthier / Exercise more (easy to say, hard to do ;))
  2. Blog more (you guys can hold me accountable)
  3. Visit a new place on my list of European destinations
  4. Do more Random Acts of Kindness
  5. Clean out my closet (ok this one I have been needing to do since late 2014…)
  6. Let people know how much I care about them regularly
  7. Work on being less of a perfectionist (this is a tough one for me)
  8. Appreciate the small things in life & work on being more content

P.S. What do y’all think about my new bag? J did good, huh?! (I helped pick it out, obviously…) 🙂



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