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Non Chalant

23 January 2016


Do you ever wonder how those French girls do it? Put the most simple items together but somehow manage to look like they just walked off the runway?

For years, it has been a mystery to me… until Pinterest came along. I finally figured out how to try this look out. Oversized Coatigan belted? Done.

Sweater weather is great and all, until it makes you feel about 10 pounds heavier each time you see yourself in a mirror. I love this look because it compliments your waistline and still keeps you warm.

Trying something new can be tricky, you want to look put together but not like you’re trying too hard. So start simple. Give it a go, but make sure it is not something that will make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Above all else, embrace your style.

Prefer something a bit more subtle? Try a grey coatigan belted and mix with other neutral colors to keep it easy.

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