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January 2016

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Happy Birthday To My Person

24 January 2016


Today is my best friend’s birthday, whom obviously deserves a shoutout! What I would give to be able to be able to celebrate together in person today. 🙂

I met Alicia when I was in the 5th grade and truth be told, wanted to be her friend from the moment I met her. Alicia has a certain charisma about her that is hard to explain. She is welcoming to all and has never met a stranger. She loves without conditions. One of the qualities I admire most in her.

Over the years, our friendship has grown and words truly cannot explain how thankful I am to have her as ‘my person’. We’ve lived through a lot of ‘life’ in our years of friendship.
Whether or not we get to see each other very often (which unfortunately we do not during this season our lives), I know I can count on her to be my sounding board, #1 supporter and confidant.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, biff. Cheers to 26, and to celebrating SO many more happy, healthy years.

Love you



Style Wanderlust

Non Chalant

23 January 2016


Do you ever wonder how those French girls do it? Put the most simple items together but somehow manage to look like they just walked off the runway?

For years, it has been a mystery to me… until Pinterest came along. I finally figured out how to try this look out. Oversized Coatigan belted? Done.

Sweater weather is great and all, until it makes you feel about 10 pounds heavier each time you see yourself in a mirror. I love this look because it compliments your waistline and still keeps you warm.

Trying something new can be tricky, you want to look put together but not like you’re trying too hard. So start simple. Give it a go, but make sure it is not something that will make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Above all else, embrace your style.

Prefer something a bit more subtle? Try a grey coatigan belted and mix with other neutral colors to keep it easy.

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Style Wanderlust

All Bundled Up

17 January 2016


This morning we woke up to SNOW. Not too much, but just enough to put a smile on your face. 🙂

Growing up in Texas did not allow me a lot of opportunity to experience this (unless sleet counts 🙂 ) so it was certainly a nice surprise. But cold weather can be tricky when it comes to looking cute and not freezing your tail off…

Obviously layering is key. I am a big supporter of the monochrome trend and not overthinking it. Grey turtleneck, your favorite pair of distressed jeans and a flowy coat (Olivia Pope style). Also, I have a major obsession with big, bulky blanket scarves. If you find a good one on sale, NEVER pass it up (specifically if you live in the Netherlands because all jokes aside, you can pretty much wear it 8 months out of the year). This scarf was on sale at Nordstrom’s ($14). Too good to pass up!!

What’s your favorite layering piece?

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Coat: Modemusthaves
Scarf: Nordstrom BP
Denim: Zara
Turtleneck: Forever 21
Booties: TK Maxx (European version of TJ Maxx)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Hat: H&M

Style Wanderlust

Hey 2016, let’s do this!

3 January 2016



Happy 2016! Wishing you all a year of fun, growth, memories, and most of all, love.

We just got back from our 2 week trip to the Promised Land (Texas, obviously). You would think after saying ‘goodbye’ so many times, it would get easier. However, it is simply not true. In fact, I think each time you do it, you realize more and more what is on the other side of that ‘goodbye’. Quite possibly tears, a very long flight, jetlag, and lots of chocolate that never seems to fill that little empty place once you leave.

Although, I have to say, after living through it many times, I now find myself sitting somewhere with my family or best friends thinking cherish this, it doesn’t happen often. So a positive aspect of our situation is that our time with our loved ones isn’t always quantitative but it is most certainly always qualitative.

I’ve got so many things I want to do this year, what about you?

My New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Eat healthier / Exercise more (easy to say, hard to do ;))
  2. Blog more (you guys can hold me accountable)
  3. Visit a new place on my list of European destinations
  4. Do more Random Acts of Kindness
  5. Clean out my closet (ok this one I have been needing to do since late 2014…)
  6. Let people know how much I care about them regularly
  7. Work on being less of a perfectionist (this is a tough one for me)
  8. Appreciate the small things in life & work on being more content

P.S. What do y’all think about my new bag? J did good, huh?! (I helped pick it out, obviously…) 🙂